2nd driver, 1st stint 4pm - 6pm Sat Afternoon.

Name. Grant Miller.

Age. 58.

Type of MS. Primary Progressive.

Current MS Treatment. None.

Observations about the Willen 24 hour, or "WHAT HAVE I DONE"???

I have always had an interest in motorsport and I suppose this is as close as I'm going to get to taking part.

​​I have never ridden a mobility scooter as they weren't commonly available as my walking was deteriorating due to the progression of multiple sclerosis. As I have used a manual wheelchair for many years now, I'd rather keep pushing myself to keep as fit as I can rather than using motor assistance!!

​Noel has already warned me about the section of the path around one of the lakes where I must be in a particular position so as to avoid going onto the grass and hence into the lake!! I can swim but, I would rather not try with a race overall, helmet and gloves on- not to mention the racing harness that will be keeping me attached to the buggy as it does its Titanic impression!! I have been assured that the lake is not very deep, but that's not the point.

I won't be very impressed either.........Noel.

Over this weekend of the 22nd/23rd March I have taken the biggest and hardest decision in the 4 years of Motor Sport for MS.
Obviously in the next week or so, and ongoing, this country, alongside the world will be on its knees financially.

My project needs to raise at least £600 through small advertisements in the leaflets we were planning on handing out before and during the event and advertising on my Facebook page and Website to cover ongoing costs. This money will not be available to companies and hence will not be available to us.

Also the 24-hour event in August itself, is all about making money for my charity and ultimately for the MS Society and the community it helps. Even if the country has overcome this terrible virus people will have more to prioritise their money towards than charity at that time.

We are not aiming at pounding around the lakes for 24 hours for no reward. For this reason I have spent the weekend talking to my key players and am at the moment getting in touch with all of the project partners who have been so involved in helping, to inform them that I have made the decision to postpone the whole event, test weekend and main 24-hour event by 12 months.

Hopefully there will be a small world recovery by then and people may look more favourably at giving to charity again.
Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me in any way so far with the Willen 24 and once we have reviewed the situation later this year I will give you an update as to our plans. I have asked the Parks Trust to provisionally pencil the equivalent weekend in 2021 into their diary, but obviously it is rather a way in advance.

I have put a massive amount of work into this event so far and would like to think that there may be some way of running it which would make sense. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that I will be in great physical shape to get in the drivers seat in 17 months time and I may have to revert to a ‘Team Managers’ role.

MS4MS will be back raising funds as soon as possible but for now, I, along with so many will be sofa sitting.
Stay safe everyone.

I would like to introduce a partner for our 'Willen 24'.

Tailor Made Mobility of Rochester in Kent. Darren, the owner has been more than generous in giving us a Comfort Coach Four Mobility scooter which is exactly the model that the race buggy is based on.

This means that in the event of a breakdown the mechanics can swap out the motor/transaxle unit from the race buggy and put in the spare whilst they work on the race unit allowing us to keep lapping.

Darren also has a number of spare parts in his workshop which he is happy to let us have.

​Welcome on board Darren and 'Tailor Made Mobility'.



Today we visited Darren in his premises and he kindly handed over the scooter.

Things are now falling into place and we can start on the first practice runs with the mechanics trying out the recovery techniques and changing parts as we need to in the case of breakdowns.

Part of the deal with Darren is to donate the 1st £150 we raise at the 24 hour to his local MS Therapy Center in Kent. I have made contact with Moira Mitchell, the centres Head of Fundraising and below are the details about the centre. 

​It's nice to be working with you guys.

Visit CatLund.com for

Web Design/Logo/re-Branding/ Event-planning etc.

3rd driver, 1st stint 6pm - 7pm Sat Evening.

Name. Noel Wilson.

Age. 61.

Type of MS. Secondary Progressive.

Current MS Treatment. None.

Observations about the Willen 24 hour.

Hey, guys-

"I have had another idea".

Yes, I suppose you could call it another 'Bloody Silly One'.

Lead driver, 1st stint 2pm - 4pm Sat Afternoon.

Name. Scott Partridge.

Age. 35.

Partner Amy Sutherland.

Children. 1 Son, Levison (18 months old, Feb 2020).

Type of MS. Relapsing-Remitting.

Current MS Treatment. Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus).

Observations about the Willen 24 hour, or "WHAT HAVE I DONE"???

The Willen 24 is a great event that MS4MS is organising and I was keen to help Noel when he asked me because it’s for a good cause - helping people like myself and bring awareness to MS. I must admit, initially, I agreed to the event because I thought - 24-hour event; 24-hour bar. However, I’m slowly realising a lot of hard work and effort is going into the event and therefore, I will only have 23 pints! I’m a regular runner around Willen Lake but have never driven a scooter around there – in fact I’ve never even driven a scooter! Yet somehow, I am now the lead driver. This is based on my physical mobility rather than my mobility scooter skills. I’ll be doing my best sundance on the day to make this a fantastic family event. 


Drivers Rotation.


Dont forget. If you spotted us lapping the lakes and couldn't donate at the time you can still send us some pennies by clicking the link to the right and donating on our Just Giving page.

Many thanks to our long time partner and sponsor, Romain Morizot, owner of overalls and motor racing equipment suppliers  Stand 21. 
Romain has agreed to extend his help with Motor Sport for MS and is going to supply us with embroidered logos for the back and breast area of the drivers and mechanics overalls.


About the Kent MS Therapy Centre
The Kent MS Therapy Centre in Canterbury has been operating since 1984 and was initially set up by people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for people with MS living in Kent. In January 2015, we moved into our brand new purpose-built Therapy Centre which has enabled us to offer more therapies and additional support clinics.
Multiple Sclerosis
MS is a debilitating, unpredictable and incurable disease which can affect all of us. It is most commonly diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40 although our youngest Centre member was first diagnosed at the age of 15. MS is the most commonly diagnosed neurological disease in young adulthood and it is something people live with for the rest of their lives. There are thought to be approximately 100,000 people living in the UK with MS and more than 2,000 of these live in East Kent alone.
About Us
The Kent MS Therapy Centre is the only dedicated Therapy Centre in Kent that operates six days a week to support people who are suffering from MS and we do this by providing a range of non-invasive therapies which help to relieve the symptoms of MS and improve quality of life. In order to access our services, we offer a full membership scheme to people with an MS diagnosis. Once they have taken out membership, individuals can take advantage of all services delivered at the Centre. Our core therapies include:
* Hydrotherapy
* Physiotherapy
* Oxygen Therapy
* Gym and Group Exercise
* Counselling and Nutritional Advice
Within our Centre we also offer a much wider range of complementary therapies such as Yoga, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and Facial Reflexology. In addition, we offer specialist support such as MS Specialist Nurse clinics, continence advisory clinics, symptom management workshops, chiropody clinics and advisory sessions on independent living. The range of practical and emotional support is a lifeline for so many of our members and they can drop in for a chat whenever they need.
During 2020 we need to raise more than £600,000 to run our services. As an independent charity, we do not receive any Government or NHS funding therefore every penny we raise comes from charitable donations and fundraising activities. That is why the support of the local community is so vital to us.
In 2018 we delivered 18,632 therapy sessions at our Centre. Nearly 75% of these sessions were for MS Members. 4,842 were Non-MS Oxygen Therapy sessions, income from which subsidises the cost of therapies for MS Members.

Welcome onboard to our latest partners, Paragon Tool Hire and Ace Plant.

Paragon has very kindly agreed to supply us with a silent run diesel generator for the main event over the weekend in August to allow us to charge our many batteries and run the engineering gazebo.

Ace Plant has also very kindly agreed to supply us with a Kubota Utility vehicle with a trailer for the test weekend and the main event. This is very important in the event of a breakdown, It will allow us to recover not only the buggy on the trailer but the driver in the case of Grant and Noel, neither of whom can walk.

Reserve driver, 1st stint 7pm - 9pm Sat Evening.

Every good race team has a reserve driver on standby, and Steve will be there, like a coiled spring, ready to leap into action if needed!! He will be doing two guaranteed stints covering three hours. 7pm-9pm on Saturday and 11am-midday on Sunday.

Name. Steve Bostock.

Age. 66

Type of MS. Relapsing-Remitting

Current MS Treatment. None

Observations about the Willen 24 hour, or 'WHAT HAVE I DONE'???

I have known Noel A long time....Since our instructing days at Rockingham. I have followed his exploits since 

founding his charity and, if I had a hat I'd take it off in admiration. He has experienced more motorsport venues than I have and I have been competing for 50 years.

​How did I end up as a driver? I offered to assist at the event. He had an additional moment of madness and asked me to drive.

Apparently it's just like a rally stage but just with a lot of water in the middle.

​I once bought my ex-wife a windsurfing lesson on that lake....She never forgave me!

​My passion is Le Mans, this is as close as I will get!

Over the weekend of the 1st/2nd August 2020.
The Union Flag will drop at 2pm signalling the lead driver to run across the track and jump into the buggy (just as the Le Mans drivers did up until 1969) to set off on an epic 24-hour event.

A team of 4 drivers, all MS sufferers will be taking an 8 MPH mobility scooter around a 2.5-mile course, skirting two lakes at Willen, Milton Keynes.

NG Autoart. Neil Gardner, An incredibly

talented artist, check his work out.

MotorSport 24for MS

We are proud to be working with the following event partners.

Please click on their logos to be taken to their websites or Facebook pages.


So sorry everyone!