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Castle Combe Circuit at lunchtime. For the 1st time ever we were treated to a standing ovation around the whole circuit! We completed the lap in 12 mins 31.634 secs at an average of 8.86 mph.

14th July 2018.

We believe this to be the 1st and only official lap time set on a currently licenced FIA Formula 1 Circuit by an 8mph mobility scooter. We completed the lap in 24 mins 34.604 secs at an average of 8.88 mph.

​17th June 2018.

Harewood Hillclimb 7th May 2017.

8 mins 20.11.   Ave speed 6.35 MPH

Pembrey circuit 15th Oct.

10 mins 01.124. Ave speed 8.71 MPH

PT 2

Donington Park National Circuit 22nd July 2017 and another lap set in a time of 12 mins 18.016 secs at an average speed of 9.65mph. Watch out for the trucks coming past!

Curborough Sprint Circuit 6th August.                 5 mins 57.49

Hednesford Raceway 1/4 mile Short Oval. 15th Oct 2017. 1min 33.72 secs at an average of 9.602 mph.



Anglesey Coastal Circuit


Paul Fletcher International Kart Circuit. A time of 5 mins 30.75 secs at an average of 9.34 mph.

Cadwell Park circuit 2nd April 2017

16 mins 27.524. Ave speed 7.94 MPH

The mountain got me!!!! Next time!

Once we had set a time on the tarmac circuit on the Sunday lunchtime the circuit owners allowed us to take on the RallyX circuit on Sunday evening after racing. Thank you Lydden.

That was an experience!

21st Oct 2018.

Pembrey Circuit.

Knockhill. A rare anti-clockwise lap of the circuit at the TCR meeting. 12th May 2018.

8 mins 41.510 secs at an average of 8.74 mph.

Thruxton Circuit 3rd July.                       15 mins 38.840 Ave speed 9.03MPH.

Anglesey Circuit 23rd July.                       10 mins 14.331 Ave speed 9.08MPH.

Part of the mountain section of the Isle of Man TT Course. After leaving Ramsey the climb is relentless and after just 4 miles of climbing on a new set of batteries we had emptied them! We completed the course in 4 hours 33 mins.

Loton Park Hillclimb 24th September. 6 Minutes 12.30 Secs.

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit 4th June. 8 mins 09.845 Ave speed 8.87MPH.

Val Des Terres Hillclimb, Guernsey.

15th July 2017.    3 mins  54.39 secs​​.

Sorry about the hold up at the start but I was worried about the piece of cling film blowing about in front of me!

Isle of Man Southern 100 Circuit 16th April 2017.  29mins 13.47secs


Goodwood Motor Circuit and a lap at the Brighton & Hove Motor Clubs 'Eagle Sprint'. We set a lap time of 15 mins 09.45 secs.

Mallory Park, 4th June 2017

8 mins 39.107 secs. Average speed  of 9.36 mph.

Birmingham Wheels Motorsport Park and a short oval lap. Sorry no film of this one. 

The lap was completed in 1.22.060 at an average of 9.813mph.

Brands Hatch Indy circuit


Rockingham Motor Speedway ISS lap

25th June 2017. 12:35.990 Average speed 9.23mph

Croft Rally X Circuit 28th August.

5 mins 29.285.

Rockingham Motor Speedway Oval lap

24th June. 9:56.017 Average speed 8.93mph

No official print out available for Aldershot.

PT 1



Oulton Park full International Circuit.  27th Aug 2017. 17 mins 24.124 secs at an average of 9.28 mph.

Unofficial times

Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb. We were so lucky that the Duke of Richmond gave us permission to set an unofficial time up the famous hill. A time of 9 mins 33 secs.

Thanks to Steve Tarrant for the help in organising this one.

This is our very last event to set an official time on an MSA approved race venue. The Brighton and Hove Motor Club kindly invited us along as the official charity of the 2019 Frosts  Brighton National Speed Trials.

​7th September 2019.

Silverstone National Circuit 30th April. 11 mins 21.469 Ave speed 8.66 MPH.

Sun 16th April         Southern !00 Circuit            29 Mins 13.47 secs.

Tues 18th April       TT Circuit       4 hours 33 mins.    Ave. 7.235 mph


Aldershot Raceway 1/4 mile Short Oval. 29th Oct 2017. 1min 22.001 secs.

The very last UK MSA Licenced Race Circuit to give us the complete set.

What can I say other than after the lunch break, WE HAVE DONE IT.

We now have an official lap time on every circuit. A lap of Lydden at              6:06.029 saw to that. 21st Oct 2018.

Northampton Int. Raceway laps 20th May 2017. 1 min 27.9. Average speed 8.188mph

Snetterton 300 Circuit 10th September.

20 mins 49.095.  Ave speed 8.55 MPH

Watch right to the end. They needed me off the track before I was taken out by the truck race. I was still given an official time though.


Croft Circuit 27th August.

13 mins 15.909 Ave speed 9.6 MPH.