The story behind this song.-

Written by Phil Dyer (on the right) and played by him, his son Dan and Karen Cas on the Cajon. 

'The MK Fleas'.

The song is called 'A bloody silly idea' because- that is what I have called this project right from the very start.

Very apt I still think! 


What a voice.

Jess sang for us at our 2018 fundraiser.

She is a professional singer and music teacher.

She trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London and passed out with a 2.1.

Oh, and did I mention, she is our Neice.

Proud Uncle time!


Over 200 pupils poured into the Great Hall in anticipation of this year’s Fenwick Fashion Show, and were justly rewarded with a very entertaining evening. The theme of this year’s catwalk extravaganza was ‘The Walk of Life’. Pupils from all Houses modelled for the show, dressed to represent different life landmarks such as the ‘First Day of School’, ‘Graduation’ and ‘Marriage’. The show also featured some teachers revisiting their youth in ‘High School Cliques’!

The Fashion Show raised money for two amazing charities – Great Ormond Street Hospital and Motor Sport for MS. Great Ormond Street Hospital provides leading care for over 40,000 children a year, as well as support for their families. Motor Sport for MS was set up by ex-motor sport instructor Noel Wilson in 2013 after his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. In total, the evening raised a fantastic £3,900, which will be equally split between both charities.

Well done to Fenwick’s Lower Sixth girls, who put so much time and effort into making the show a success. Thanks are also due to the 130 models who slayed the catwalk with such energy and enthusiasm, and to hosts Harvey and Keelin, who provided entertaining introductions to each runway, ensuring the evening flowed perfectly.

Apex Traxs Joins MS4MS raising money for the MS Society.

Saturday 28th September 2019.

Well, we put Motor Sport for MS to bed on the evening of the 28th of September 2019, well sort of. We put the race circuit side of MS4MS to bed but we will still be collecting at local events and will be taking part in the 2022 Newport Pagnell Carnival.

We also announced that with the help of the Senior Section of the Rutland County Golf Club and their Captain Mr. Steve Markham and the money they have collected and pledged, over £5,500 so far added to the almost £33,400 we have raised so far we are rapidly approaching £40,000!

How did that happen???


Brighton College gives MS4MS a massive boost!


Our grand total is now a whopping £46,449.
232% of my original target, (which I didn't think I had any

chance of hitting in the first place!).

Just Giving is also showing another £518 in 'gift-aid' to be added to the total as well.
As I said, when I won the Fundraiser of the Year Award, "I'm gobsmacked"!
Thank you so much to everyone who has donated either their time or their cash to our little project.

Motor Sport for MS would like to thank Jos Brownlie and his company apextracks.com for their very generous offer to help us in our continued fundraising efforts.
Apex Traxs produces and sells 3D printed race circuits along with drinks coasters with your favourite race circuits printed upon them.
Occasionally an item comes out of the printer with a very slight issue that prevents it from being sold at full price.
Jos has set up a page on his website for selling these items with the funds going to MS4MS. This is a 'Buy it now offer-at the price you feel fit between £5 and £50', It's up to you how much you pay. This is a really great chance to pick up a piece of Motor Racing Memorabilia at a great price and help out MS4MS and the MS Society.
Don't forget to check out the rest of Jos's great products on his website whilst you are there.
Thanks once again for your generous offer Jos.
MS4MS are pleased to welcome Jos and Apex Traxs as another of our partners, without whom this whole project could never work!

The House of Fenwick serves 'looks' for charity.

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