Many of you will know that this man, (Howard Winston Willis), was a massive influence on my early working life in the hotel trade.        Unfortunately, we lost 'H' in March.

This weekend will be dedicated to a very special friend's memory. I will be riding around the lakes with these two images on my crash helmet.

Just a quickie....       

Goodnight Howard, enjoy the ride mate. x

​Over the weekend of the 27th/28th April, I will take on a 58-mile mobility scooter ride around the perimeter of the 2 lakes at Willen, Milton Keynes. 58 miles on one day is just too much to take on, so I will be splitting the distance; 30 miles on Saturday and 28 miles on Sunday.

To make it interesting we are going to run this as an endurance event and every 2nd lap I will be pulling into a pitstop area by The Lakeside, pub & grill, and will be doing a battery change, a la Le Mans style. That’s a battery change for the buggy, not me, mind you by the end of Saturday and probably most of Sunday I will require new batteries too.

A lap of the 2 lakes is approximately 2.5 miles

The Lakeside, pub & grill, have very kindly agreed to organise a raffle to be run from the pub. Ann the Assistant Manager has already secured some prizes from businesses located in the Willen area, with hopefully more to follow. If anyone would like to contribute with experience/beauty/lifestyle vouchers to add to the raffle we would be more than grateful. Over the weekend we will need marshals/bucket collectors who would be happy to give up some time either Saturday / Sunday / or both days to collect and chat to people about the challenge and my charity work up to this point. Our Friends The Ukie TooNes, the World Famous Ukelele Band (they told me to say that), will also be in attendance on Sunday. They will not only be performing at our base area, but also the pub has agreed to allow them to busk both outside and inside the pub over the lunchtime and into the afternoon.

I’m also planning on raising money via sponsorship forms, in other words, if you would like a sponsorship form, just ask.

If you can help in any way, please just email me.