We did it.

11 hours 22 minutes in all.

Riding through the worst that storm Hannah could throw at us on Saturday, indeed there were waves breaking on the bank on the far side of the lake. White horses were breaking across the lake and a good surfer could have 'got air' from their crests!

The weather was that bad that the original plan to hold an 'Open Mic' event under a gazebo, headed up by Gill and Nigel Beckett (Them two), was quickly re-jigged when the Lakeside Pub agreed to allow us to hold the music event inside. Thanks guys.

Sunday dawned much kinder, on not only the rider but the collection teams, the Tombola team, the Pit crew and the entertainment in the form of the Ukie TooNes.

At 4pm we completed the final 23rd lap to log up 58 miles, who came up with such a 'bloody silly idea'?

The final total is in and its a massive £2,566. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way throughout the event.

Thank you, everyone, who had anything to do with this mammoth event!

Many of you will know that this man, (Howard Winston Willis.), was a massive influence on my early working life in the hotel trade.        Unfortunately, we lost 'H' in March.

This weekend will be dedicated to a very special friend's memory. I will be riding around the lakes with these two images on my crash helmet.

Just a quickie....       

Goodnight Howard, enjoy the ride mate. x

​Over the weekend of the 27th/28th April, I will take on a 58-mile mobility scooter ride around the perimeter of the 2 lakes at Willen, Milton Keynes. 58 miles on one day is just too much to take on, so I will be splitting the distance; 30 miles on Saturday and 28 miles on Sunday.

To make it interesting we are going to run this as an endurance event and every 2nd lap I will be pulling into a pitstop area by The Lakeside, pub & grill, and will be doing a battery change, a la Le Mans style. That’s a battery change for the buggy, not me, mind you by the end of Saturday and probably most of Sunday I will require new batteries too.

A lap of the 2 lakes is approximately 2.5 miles.