Wil Arif in the hot seat at Anglesey Circuit.

Paul Swift famous for driving everything on two wheels manages to keep all 4 on the ground in the Rockingham paddock.

It was great to meet up with Chris Ward and Steve Soper at Oulton Park. The pair both drove fantastically to win the Historic Touring Car race at the 2017 Gold Cup race meeting.

Adam Bint, driver of the Volvo Aerodyne

in the British Truck Racing Champ. tries out the seat. We are slightly dwarfed by the truck!

Ex Formula 1 driver, Le Mans winner and you name it, everything else driver David Brabham takes his turn in the hot seat.

Richard Spedding, winner of the 2017 Guernsey Hillclimb joins us on the hot seat page.


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Nicky Grist, Colin McRae's Co-Driver in the World Rally Championship gets strapped into the buggy.

In the Hot Seat is Ex F1 driver, 2nd placed driver in the 1989 Le Mans (Merc C1) and 1985 European Touring Car Champion Gianfranco Brancatelli. 

Four times Hot Rod World Champion (amongst many other titles and achievements) Barry Lee takes to the hot seat.

Rick Shortle, (my surrogate Dad) and race driver in the 'Hot Seat'.

Scott Moran in the seat.

Winning this years British Hillclimb Championship makes him a 6 times Champion. Well done Scott.

Some more of the celebrities who tried out the hot seat at Oulton Park. Richard Attwood Le Mans winner and Formula 1 driver amongst many other things and commentator, journalist and driver Marcus Pye.

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Michael Wallage the British Mutton Chops Champion takes a turn in the seat.